Carrack Show Proposal

Application for group exhibit at the Carrack, Chris Beacham & Karen Stone,  February 8, 2014,

919-260-6297, 919-619-1095

Exhibit cycle 4, 2014

Website link for both artists’ work:

From Chris:

 I am looking for a venue to host a show of my work with perhaps 15-20 pieces. The work relates to two overlapping areas of my painting over the last 2 years: figure studies/portraits and abstracts.Where they overlap is that many of the portraits are abstract (and none realistic) and some of the abstracts can also be seen as portraits. One thing for sure -- the pieces don't necessarily look like the same human being painted them. But he did.

They also share a quality of accident and randomness. By that I mean that some started as one thing and then ended up as something else, entirely unexpectedly. Others began explicitly with random, unplanned action and became what they are. 

For example, the work top right, Tete á Tete, began from a failed painting. The painting had some ink in it and when I brushed on gesso to re-cover the canvas, the unplanned brush strokes suggested a pair of figures talking. I took it from there. So is it an abstract or a pair of figures? I find the question uninteresting! Others with similar randomness include Blue Nude and Chieftain.

Conversations, on the other hand is intentionally both figure and abstract. On the bottom right is a detail of 2 of the 8 figures in the piece.

And, of course, there are those that are solely one or the other. See for yourself.

From Karen:

I would like to show my newest work at the Carrack. I have been working with acrylics on relatively large paper (25” x 38”), making paintings and collages. These have not been matted/framed; they show beautifully simply with clips at the corners. I would mount all of them this same way, taking up half the wall space (the right-hand side) in the gallery.

 Why is it important? The work is exciting; I sold a piece for $150 at the Carrack’s December community show. People who frequent the gallery like the work, which is why I would like to show it there.

 From both:

We would need 2-3 hours to hang the work and 1 hour to take it down. The plan is to install as soon as the gallery is freed up from the last show and break it down whenever is convenient for the Carrack. We would hold a reception on at least one Friday, and Karen would sometimes be able to spend some time at the gallery during the two weeks of the show. Thank you for considering our application.

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